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The term ‘hegemony’ tends to suggest socio-ideological multitasking – because the hegemonic group uses the best of his resources to exercise its power, and are at the same time does its best to keep its design undetected by other group. The concept of hegemony was introduced by Gramsic in 1971. The process of hegemonic control has five dimensions ranging from gross to subtle. The most obvious dimensions of hegemonic domination is power of military. The domination group has strongest military. Alliance military is stronger than Military Blocs. The hegemony group has strong base of economy and technology; it has good. At the ideological level, such a group controls the term of relations-international, intergroup and interpersonal. Ideas of powerful overpower all the ideas. The acceptance is so effortless that they never realize the fact that the ideas were never their own and were designed to serve the interesting of controlling groups. The target values are treated as natural way of life. The myth or image of a happy family with a women as  a housewife is best example of continual courting which has became naturalized over centuries.

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