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Human life depends on society. We can find a peaceful life in a good society. To have a peaceful Life, we should have a positive mindset to accept all we come across. But social tribulations insist on making it complicated. Social tribulations in society have become a serious concern in the present day world. It gradually affects the roots of our culture and its stops growth on the global. This research paper entitled ‘The Depiction of Social Tribulations in  Kamala Markandaya’s Nectar in a Sieve and A Hand full of Rice’ highlight the Social tribulations in rural and urban societies and explores the meaning, reason, effect of social tribulations in the novels of Kamala Markandaya, an Indian English writer. It analyses the predominant social evils like poverty, hunger, starvation, beggary, prostitution, crime, unemployment and many more in the novels. Kamala Markandaya’s novels picture the suffering of the rural and urban people and it results in suffering, death and misfortune. Poverty is the reality of the characters in the novels and the novels nudge to awake the society from the social tribulations.

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