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At the point when the world was being made, devas and asuras went to sage Prajapati to comprehend the significance of Atman or oneself. The primary answer he gave was the basic one. The Devas acknowledged it and left with the certainty that they currently had the ability to utilize this information as a weapon. Be that as it may, the Asuras, drove by Lord Indhra were not happy with the appropriate response. The kept on cross addressing him. This little account from puranas characterizes the quintessence of asuras – fretful, hungry for power and rash. There is asura and deva inside every one of us. It is our decision that characterizes which part of our temperament we permit to run our psyches. It is our decision of the self that decides the occasions throughout our life. This paper aims to break down graphical brain change of Meenakshi, wonderful looked at lady to Surpanakha, the shrewd and slanted disapproved of lady. This transformation of mind is answerable for her mother, fathers and siblings.

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