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Aravind Adiga, a Chennai born writer, with his childhood and schooling in Mangalore, immigrated to Australia and then to the States, to study English Literature at Columbia University in New York and Oxford for further education. Adiga won the prestigious literary award Man Booker for his debut novel The White Tiger when he was 33. The White Tiger is his debut novel that is an angry story of an ordinary man’s passage from Indian village life to entrepreneurial achievement. In spite of being out of his home town, Adiga is worried about the situation of his country. It is unquestionably true that the nation has witnessed a paradigm shift in financial and technological advancement. But, the bare reality is that this shift has been made possible at the cost of social, cultural, moral and human values. Social discriminations take forefront in the novel. The immense gap between the rich and the poor and among the different strata of the social set up discriminate the people which pollutes life and challenges all logic and reason. This paper analyses the societal evils that discriminate people and the consequences of the disparities which force them to adopt unfair means to fulfil their desires as embraced by Balram, the protagonist of the novel.


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