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Indian Writing in English has gained global prominence. There are many writer’s in India who are using English language as a medium for their creative expression. This trend has heralded a era in fiction and has taken to new heights. The genre of fiction is a reflection of human   life, society  experience, beliefs, and  aspiratitions. In fiction writing .the Indian women writers have made rapid strides in terms of achievement. Their works exactly mirror the contemporary   world where the helpless women undergo all sorts of sorrows in a patriarchal world. Sashi Deshpande  is a household  name in Indian Writing in English .She ensured through her novels that the readers get sensitized to the burning issues of the society. Her novels are written with Indian background and it has proved to be her specialty. Her characters settings and conflicts faced are absolutely Indian. She has proved to be an excellent story teller. Motherhood has become virtual wasteland with the rise of feminism. Women liberation association looks motherhood as a degrading idea and a trap to keep women barefoot and pregnant. The children who do not get mothers care, probably do not become good  citizens .This ultimately would damage the whole fabric of society.

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