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The purpose of this article is to bring out the “Social Consciousness: Social Imbalance in Chetan Bhagat’s  novel One Night @ the Call Center”.  Bhagat rocked the Indian sensibility with his thought provoking ideas of human condition twisted in the web of love, corruption, and ambition. He directly hits at issues like corporate life style, modern education system, misunderstanding, corruption, exploitation, patriarchal setup, and globalization in his novels In One Night @ the Call Center, Bhagat tried to explore call center world and its’ culture.  It is a romantic comedy set in an office where bored young Indians try to resolve the mindless inquiries of Midwestern American Technophobes at the call center.  The story revolves around six friends Shyam, Priyanka, Varun, Rathika, Esha, Military uncle who are selling home appliances to the United States from a call center in India.

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