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The paper entitled “Social Consciousness: Societal Evils in Contemporary India from Chetan Bhagat's Perspective in Revolution 2020”. Chetan says that though writing in a developing country youngsters are failing to getrecogorize Chetan Bhagat, the creative writer in the field of Indian English Literature has portrayed the mechanical life of youngsters in his novel Revolution 2020.  He has always been very careful and aware with most of the issues related to the society.  He has also given some ideas to solve the problems through his characters in his novels.  The paper brings forth the empathetic life of youngsters and the political problems in a vivid manner.  It shows the life of the protagonist and the burden faced by them through relatives and society.  Revolution 2020 is a fascinating and a fast-paced story of love, betrayal, and corruption.  It is set in the sacred city of Varanasi and it reveals the darker side of India’s education system and the uncontrolled corruption it involves.  In this novel Gopal, the protagonist of the novel is changing the traditional education system with the support of the MLA Shukla.

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