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Twenty First Century has witnessed tremendous changes in the field of literature, where the Diaspora writers have carved a niche. Specifically, at present, there are many Indians who have migrated to foreign lands due to various reasons. Though they have settled in an alien land, they often nostalgic, i.e., mentally live in the land where they were born. Thus, Diasporas become culturally displaced, and it is reflected in Diaspora literature. The present paper deals with the portrayal of culture and the role of politics in shaping the culture of diaspora with reference to the works of Amitav Ghosh. The reason for selecting Ghosh’s works is due to the fact that they contain plenty of references pertaining culture, politics and also religion. As a renowned anthropologist Ghosh uses the knowledge in his field to showcase the culture of the natives. The research also pertains to how politics influence people of a country is analysed in the selected works of Amitav Ghosh.

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