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The goal of the paper is to provide a discussion of the predicament of women in modern society. In The Dark Holds No Terror narrates the story about protagonist Saritha, she is a successful lady doctor. She has faced many problems in her life. In modern society Women are educated though they are educated they are easily affected psychologically. Women are suppressed in male dominated society and face many problems such as loss of identity, male domination, gender discrimination, marriage disintegration, etc… They were unable to take their own decision. Indian society does not want female children only wants male children, parents thought that male children would take care of their parents at a later time. So they counted the male children as property. Through Deshpande novel The Dark Holds No Terror, this paper has made an attempt to trace out the predicament of women in modern society. Marriage is the destiny of the women to remain unmarried is considered as a shame to the women’s family. It is the parent’s social obligation and moral responsibility to get their daughter married before she passes the marriageable age.

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