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Mexican culture is profoundly known for its rich, colourful and vibrant quality for establishing its unique cultural heritage. Mexican literature records its significance in the world literature through its cultural values, as it binds with the rich cultural practices of the indigenous as well as the Spanish colonizers. Analysing the Mexican art, it is vivid that Mexicans are closely associates with the tradition folk dance Folklorico, which has its significant affinity with the Mexican culture. In order, to reveal the impact of Mexican culture, the Mexican novelist Reyna Grande vividly discusses the customs and traditions of Mexican culture in the novel Dancing with Butterflies. The novel is profoundly filled with music, dance, motion and love. It also focusses much on the influence of the protagonist whose is passionate towards the Mexican cultural dance Folklorico. The novelist explores the idea that wherever, the Mexicans settle, they hold their native culture as a sort of establishing their identity.

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