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A basic and exact strategy to decide Pitavastatin(PIT) and ezetimibe (EZE), in parallel blend, was created and approved utilizing Reverse phase-HPLC.The partition was accomplished on Column named as Cosmosil C18 (250mm x 4.6ID, Particle size: 5 micron) using mobile phase as methanol: water(85:15,90:10,v/v) at flow rate of 0.8 ml/min. Measurement was accomplished with Detector: UV-3000-M at 237 nm, pH 3 ± 0.05 and is adjusted using Ortho Phosphoric Acid , fixation scope of 20μg/mL, with mean recoveries of  99.79 ± 0.27%, 99.61 ± 0.19%, 99.92 ± 0.26% for PIT and EZErespectively.

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