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The focus of the article is to appreciate Shield’s lively narration in her Short Story, Dressing Up for the Carnival and her use of vivid detail. Dressing Up for the Carnival is a short story collection published in 2000 by Canadian author Carol Shields, which depicts 12 characters who live their lives through illusions. The Carnival is a metaphor for life, and "dressing up" represents the stigmas each of the characters try to fit into. There are twelve characters in Carol Shields' collection of short stories and the carnival that they are all dressing up for is a metaphor for life. Each of the characters lives an illusory life and they tend to wear or carry things that tell the story of where they have been or who they are without their having to verbalize anything in particular. Each of the stories in the collection is the story of a specific character. This new collection from Carol Shields distills her wisdom, elegance, insouciant sense of humour and eroticism into twenty-two wonderful narratives.

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