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: It is an unique technique in which the bacteria undergo bio- chemical process inside the concrete in presence of calcite mineral and leads to the formation of precipitates which heals pores and cracks generated inside the concrete. This technique is studied now a days and research is being done on use of different bacteria as sustainable and concrete embedded self-healing agent. Various materials used for repair available in market like polymers epoxies but all these are harmful to the environment. Hence this technique being environmentally friendly can be used as their substitute. It was also found in the analysis that within the concrete samples the metabolic activities in the microorganisms occur in order to increase the overall performance of concrete including its compressive strength. This paper is therefore an attempt to define bacterial concrete, types, classification of bacteria, process of fixing the cracks using these bacteria’s , application and advantages as well as disadvantages of bacterial concrete in the field of construction by literature view are discussed.

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