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In modern world, transporation is one of the important needs of the life.The project which includes communication is very needed to transfer the message and to take action appropriately.GPS and GSM based systems are widely used in many projects to prevent the accidents in road. Even though advanced control systems available in automobiles, accident rate is increasing year by year. Government is taking many Even though our government takes many initatives to avoid accidents by enhancing the road and broadening many highways. Due to these types of accidents, manycitizens lost their live. In this project, we  made a system which found the location of accident and immediately send it to the nearby hospitals and their  life will be saved..It implies GS and GSM module attached for sending messages to Ambulance/Hospital. It sends the message of the accident location immediately. The Raspberry Pi3is used as the controller for the system. The Crash Sensor sense for the abnormal incident hapening occur in the automobile. The crash sensor sends the signal to the controller .The GSM module find the altitude of the location and GPS modules end the exact location to the necessary locations.

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