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The electrical device could be a static device, that converts power from one level to a different level. The aim of the project is to guard the electrical device underneath overload condition by load sharing. Because of overload on electrical device, the potency drops, and windings get hot and should get burnt. Thus, by sharing load on electrical device, the electrical device is protected. This may be done by connecting another electrical device in parallel through a micro-controller. The small controller compares the load on the primary electrical device with a reference price. Once the load exceeds the reference price, the second electrical device can share the additional load. Therefore, the 2 transformers work expeditiously, and harm is prevented. During this project 3 modules are used to management the load currents. The primary module could be a sensing unit, that is employed to sense the present of the load and therefore the second module could be a management unit. The last module is micro-controller unit and it'll scan the analogue signal and perform some calculation and at last offers management signal to a relay. In project, we have a tendency to interface the liquid crystal display with microcontroller that displays the traditional or status.

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