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Indian- American author Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni’s most of the novels covenant with the experience of immigrants to the United States. Her novels divulge the life of immigrants in the alien place. In her first novel The Mistress of Spices and her second novel Sister of my Heart, she reconnoiters distressing issues of the Indian-American immigrant civic of San Francisco on both an individual and communal basis. In the novel The Mistress of Spices, immigrants habituate themselves with new arena so as to get by in the midst of colossal culture, social and political difference by throwing Indian designing personalities, and communicating tussling along to adapt up to two differentiating societies. In Sister of my Heart, The plot focuses on the connection between the two youngsters, from the common encounters of their childhood to the differed encounters of their wedded lives. The scenes of forbidden love, requesting parental desires and difficult-parents in law are, and unsurprising. The characters in these two books are confronted with different issues, circumstances of acknowledgment and dismissal. Multiculturalism uncovers how the migrants shape their own, social, and social personality among themselves.

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