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In India now a day’s education system has come to a long way and the age old traditions have undergone to a new makeover. As day has passed people discovered so many new techniques for curriculum transformation. Teaching learning process become technology based. Teachers started to use those technologies into their teaching learning process. The objective of present study is to study the attitude of teachers and students towards use of M-Learning. This study is conducted on stratified randomly selected sample consisted 73 teachers and 427 students of different streams. Self made attitude scale is used for the collection of data. ‘t-test’ and ANOVA statistical techniques are used for analysis of data. It is found that male teachers have more positive attitude towards use of M-Learning rather than female teachers. 30 to 34 age group teachers have more positive attitude towards use of mobile learning then the other age group of teachers. Male and female students have same attitude towards M-Learning. It shows that each student is using mobile phone as a learning device to a certain extent.  


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