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Concrete Paver block is used for a wide variety of street and other building applications. Infrastructural development is at its peak throughout the world and is a symbol of growth for any country. Today, despite the scarcity of raw ingredients, concrete use is steadily increasing throughout the world.Since cement is the main concrete component, it has a greater environmental impact on global warming, as 10% of total carbon emissions are related to the cement industry. Portland cement produces significant amounts of carbon dioxide (CO2), which causes global warming and is therefore a greenhouse gas. It has thus become important to reduce the use of cement and to find suitable waste material that can be used to partly substitute cement and enhance concrete characteristics.There is a solution named "Green concrete" to some degree nowadaysGreen concrete may be identified with the material as a partial or full replacement of cement or as fine or coarse aggregates. Green concrete can adopt methodologies of removal, reuse, and recycling, or any two similar methods.

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