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The novel contains the story of Mr. Biswas’s struggle to have a house of his own. He wants to become the proud owner of a house. Mr. Biswas did not have enough money for the purchase of the house. The novel covers the entire span of the life of Mr. Biswas from time of his birth to the time of death. Biswas is accompanied by several bad omens. The pundit who reads the boy’s future predicts that he will prove to be unlucky and will grow into the spendthrift, a lecher and lair. After certain initial setbacks Mr. Biswas become the sign painter and by this work he went to Hanuman House where he feels attracted by Shama the daughter of the house and married with her. With no residential accommodation he has to live in the Hanuman house as the other son-in –laws who have married previously with the Tulsi daughters. Mr. Biswas finds that has to lead a life of subservience not only to Mrs. Tulsi and Seth but also the other members of the family. Being an independent minded man with a lot of self respect, he rebels against the state of affairs. Mr. Biswas’s rebellion against Hanuman house and all stands for constitutes the main substance of the novel.

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