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 No writer can escape the influences of his environment, social, cultural, political and intellectual. Every writer is product of the age in which he is born and bred, and in which he works and creates. His writing express his age in various ways and his works cannot be understood without an understanding of the times in which he lived. The novel reflects the time spirit to much greater extent than the other. Novel is not merely an entertainment, not merely a story for dinner table. It has evolved as a serious art form compact in its body and integrated in form. Modern novel is realistic. It deals with all the facts of contemporary life, pleasant as well as unpleasant, beautiful as well as the ugly and does not present merely a one sided view of life. It also presents realistically all the doubts, the conflicts and the frustrations of the modern world. The modern writers are instantly conscious of his age, does not fail to reflect it his works. Virginia Woolf is one of the great novelists of modern era adopting a revolutionary technique for the expression of his life and human nature.

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