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Internet is becoming accessible to people of all age; therefore, Internet Addiction appears as a potential problem in adolescents. This study aimed to synthesize previous findings by investigating the effect of parenting style and personality traits on internet addiction among adolescents of Ghaziabad, India. A sample of 60 adolescents (N=60) of Ghaziabad was collected using random sampling method, wherein, 30 adolescents suffered from Internet Addiction and 30 were Non Addicted. The participants filled out three self-report questionnaires including the Internet Addiction Test (Young, 2008),  the Parental Authority Questionnaire (Dr. John R. Buri, 1991)  and the Big Five Inventory (Oliver P.John). The data was analyzed using descriptive statistics – Mean, SD and ANOVA.  Results indicated significant difference among the means of the two groups (Internet Addicted and Non Addicted) in both the dimensions of personality - Extraversion and Neuroticism. Similarly, significant difference among the means of the two parenting style – Permissive and Authoritarian was found in both the groups (Internet Addicted and Non Addicted).


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