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The statistics shows that obesity pandemic is penetrating even in the developing nations like India. In the present study an attempt has been made to report the prevalence of obesity on the basis of skeletal muscle percentamong school girls of Punjab, total 6000 students were selected with stratified random sampling technique, ranging in age from 10-17 years. Height and weight were measured in all participants and the skeletal muscle percent (SM%) of each individual was calculated with the bio electrical impedance machine scale of HBF-361. Skeletal muscle percent classes on the basis of mode of conveyance(walking/bicycle & vehicle and distance covered by less than and more than 2.5 km walking/bicycle) were calculated according to the skeletal muscle percent.The observations revealed that the overall mean value of walking/bicycle & vehicle was 29.78%, 26.57%, and as per distance covered by students less than and more than 2.5 km by walking/bicycle was28.81% and 30.84% respectively. Overweight was more prevalent among those girl students who covered less distance and who went to school by vehicle.


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