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The study of consumer buying behaviour is very complicative in nature.. The media influences the society to a greater extent. It changes consumers preferences, creates brand loyalty, and persuades consumers to favour commodities that they did not previously find useful. The impact of advertisements influences the consumers mind before making buying decisions of youth (18-25 years). People of different age groups: children, adolescents,adults, middle aged and old aged people have different needs and preferences.The attitude towards advertising is changing at a very fast pace.Youth is considered as a trend setter and this segment is easily influenced by visual advertising media.Visual advertising media means paid but non-personal communication with the consumers. It as one-way process of communication. Television,Multiplex Cinemas, Theatres, Internet and Hoardings are examples of it.Visual advertising media affects the sensory organs of consumers very quickly. Age range of present study is 18-25 years and the study period is 2017-2018.The impact of visual advertising media is very strong as it influences the purchase decisions of the consumers.

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