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This study investigates the causal relationships among key elements of destination branding—perceived destination quality and value, and their influence on destination loyalty being mediated by tourist satisfaction.  The data collected randomly from international tourists who visited destination Ethiopia were anlayzed using PLS-Structural Equation Modelling. Based on the survey of 404 tourists, the three variables (antecedents of loyalty) explain a large amount of variance in the endogenous variable. The study found that the effect of the mediator (tourist satisfaction) is large and partially mediated the relationship between perceived destination quality and loyalty. In addition, both perceived destination quality and value have direct influence on tourist satisfaction.  The results of this study, apart from its contribution to the existing body of knowledge, can help the concerned bodies adopt appropriate strategies to improve tourist loyalty toward destination. The study also concludes that it is worthwhile to incorporate perceived destination quality, value and tourist satisfaction in the model of destination loyalty to provide a more comprehensive/complet picture of its drivers.

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