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In the present day context, women entrepreneurship development is considered as a revolutionary concept. It would definitely bring in dynamic change for the society more particularly for the women. Empowerment of women through entrepreneurial activities has been recognized as key route for economic societies where women are often neglected and their production capacity remain unutilized and underutilized.Bango-Kathanichuk village is endowed with rich natural resources that can be exploited or entrepreneurial activities. Depending upon the availability of natural resources and prevalent situation of the Bango-Kathanichuk area there is huge scope for women entrepreneurship development. In that paper, an attempt is made to examine the current status of women entrepreneurship development in the village Bango-Kathanichuk. Relying on the primary data collected by the investigator, this paper finds out that present condition or status of women entrepreneurship development is still very poor and the study area is found very much male dominated and agri- dependent.

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