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Food, clothing and shelter are the basic human needs. However, there are many who barely manage to acquire the rest two necessities but the third remains beyond their reach. A large section of the population therefore lives and sleeps at public places, like roads, pavements and streets, and is categorized as the homeless population. The number of provision given under the different international and national documents however still the very problem is not much diminishes. Apart from our judicial system also given the various directions towards these rights. This article aims to understand how the Indian Supreme Court and different high courts interprets the Constitution on enforceability of social rights, especially the right to adequate housing in the context of these pressing housing needs and frequent forceful evictions of slum dwellers. The Indian Supreme Court elaborated on the right to adequate housing, shelter and livelihood being part of the all-encompassing Right to Life under Article 21 of the Indian Constitution. This article includes international and national documents under which the provision given related to housing rights, and also includes various case laws in which Supreme Court and different high courts given the direction or explain that how shelter is important for human beings.

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